Couch to 5K


well I made it to running 20 mins last year, then had back injury so stopped. Since then have moved house, undertaken major renovations, then had ankle injury from car accident. Today is finally the day my life is back to normal with house complete and ankle pain gone so back to the beginning and really delighted I managed to complete the first day without pain and too much effort!! can't wait to do the next run now, it's almost easier knowing I did it before

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Hi Karen , Whoa ! Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate ! Big up to you for getting back on board . Sounds like you've recovered well from your ankle injury and well done for completing your first day .

Happy Running to you and keep going ! :-) xxx


Well done and keep going, you will soon be back to running for even longer than 20 minutes.


Brilliant that you are still running after all that upheaval! Well done for starting over.


well done getting through all that KB!! Running is a great therapy for getting your life back on track.

Take it easy. But you know it's going to feel good, right? ! ; )


What a great testimont to you for starting again well done and good running for the rest of the weeks


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