Couch to 5K

First run in 8 weeks!

Feeling good! Graduated back in June and was up to 8k by august but unfortunately pushed too hard and ended up with knee pain! Been resting and doing strength exercises and decided just to do 20 minutes today. Went well though noticed twinge in knee last 2-3 minutes of it. Just resting and icing it now but felt so good to be out there again!

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Well done, glad you're back off the injury couch. Don't push too hard on your body though, build up slow. What was it you did last time that was too much out of interest? Keen to avoid similar pitfalls myself if possible. So difficult to know what is a reasonable target/ goal & what is too much too soon... X


Thanks Marlyparly.

I had been trying to build from 5k to 10k and improve speed at same time. Just got too enthusiastic and was doing 3 longer runs a week instead of having shorter or slower runs. Was also doing lots of other exercise on my rest days!

Going to just take it easy and not push myself so much this time!


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