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Post-natal / post-pregnancy C25k

Hi there,

Just wondering if there are any ladies out there who are doing this post-baby?

I have done the c25k a couple of years ago, although I didn't keep it up. Now, with a 6 month old, I'm desperate to loose those extra pounds... ok, stones! I feel more wobbly this time, although running with a jogger buggy isn't as hard as I thought it would be (although I am still on week 1).

Any post-pregnancy fitness / weight loss success stories out there? Could use the inspiration :)

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Does 3 years ago count??!!!! Seriously though, I had spd with both my pregnancies and never thought id be able to run. didn't think my pelvis would cope as I could barely walk at times, even after having the babies!!! But here I am!!! Had 2 c sections too. I used to wear a tubey grip thing round my tummy when I first started exercising to give me some support. Got from my physio but am sure you could buy one. Anyway I'm 3 years down the line I know. Not exactly what you were asking but it is possible. Just take it slow and listen to your body. Good luck. Xx


My niece has just taken up C25k, as she saw how well I'd done on it, and she has a year old little boy and was keen to shed the babyweight. She's getting on really well with it and enjoying the runs very much. Means a bit of juggling with the schedule, and running in the dark sometimes, but she's getting on with it


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