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I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone, remember me? I've been away from keyboard for several weeks (lovely holiday on Caledonian Canal was part of it) . Two fantastic runs in Scotland, one by the River Tay to Birnan Oak of Macbeth fame, and one along the tow-path of part of the Canal. Then Loch Ness hit me with a rotten cold, and the rest of the trip I could hardly sleep for spluttering and coughing, so running was out of the question. Came back to mad catch-up work last week, and finally got back out there today - three weeks from my last run. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do 30 minutes, particularly as there was a lot of wind and rain in my face, but I did it, and I'm almost as pleased as I was on my graduation run.....

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo :)

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Well done! I hope you are totally recovered from your cold, otherwise a wet and windy run may not have been the best idea ...!


Excellent work! so you've proved that you can do it, glad you're having a great day!!!!!!!!!! :)


That is great you managed 30minutes after a horrid cold. Plus running in the wind and rain - that is an achievement on its own!! You need to celebrate with a cup of tea!


I did - this morning, but this evening I added a glass or two of wine....


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