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Couch to 5K research project

Hi Couch to 5Kers I hope you are all well.

I am a researcher looking at the effectiveness of the Couch to 5K apps and would really like to hear about your experiences, no matter what they may be. I have an onlilne survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete. You can find it at

Even if you haven't completed the app, or used it several times I would still like to hear from you. You can discuss good, bad and indifferent experiences of the app. Its all useful! :-)

If you would like more information before completing the survey please feel free to e mail me.

Many thanks and good luck with your running.


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sounds interesting, although I didn't use any app as such just the NHS podcasts, so does that count or not?


Hi thanks for getting in touch. The podcasts will be fine to report about. You can just indicate at the first opportunity to write on the survey that you are discussing the podcast rather than the app. The research is aiming to determine what it is about this apprach to improving fitness that works for individuals so feel free to share as much of your story as you like :-) the survey link is

Many thanks and happy running!


I have completed the survey and said that I used the NHS podcasts


Great stuff thank you very much :-)


Can I ask who you are doing this research for? Are you a runner and have you gone through the proper channels to request this information via this site? Sorry if this all sounds as if I am suspicious of such things as surveys its just that I am and have become very cautious over time.


Hi you are completey right to ask those questions and protect yourself :-)

I am a runner and also a PhD researcher at Leeds Beckett University (formally Leeds Metropolitan University). I have ethical clearance from the research board to collect this information and all responses are strictly annonymous and confidential. If you would like further information please just drop me an e mail at and I can zip it across to you.

Happy running and great to hear form you :-)




Many thanks :-)


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