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Well howdy doody my fine young Runnerettes!

This very .am I donned my clobber and set out in the morning sunshine along the Thames Path to Twickers and back. Having successfully completed a 12K three days ago without getting out of breath, my aim today was to do the same type of run - ie SLOW! But I am forever realising on this forum that my "slow" is other people's "fast" - for which I apologise profusely. I have no control over my own speed as we are all built differently and the last thing I want to do is come across as some BRAGGING BAST**D! I assure you all I am NOT that sort of person. Just ask Jucyju.

Any road..... I did my hip, glute and various other exercises prior to my departure and off I went. I had just started my run when I passed a gentleman on his mobile phone. He was quite irate and talking very loudly and as I passed I caught this snippet of conversation....

"....But Grace's mother is ******* gay and so is Isobel's mother...."

What the hell? I couldn't believe he was SHOUTING this! Anyway, I jogged on and thought about hearing snippets of conversation of peeps as you pass them. It can some times be funny. I encountered two other snippets. One lady talking on her phone ;

"Did you get your new oven?"

!! Hahahah! That was all I heard! Hilarious. The other one were two ladies talking to each other on a "power walk" (I say "Power Walk" - they were going DEAD slow and just gossiping, but clad in all the gear - lycra capris, expensive trainers, the works!) One lady said ;

"....and I wake up without him next to me....."

AAAggghhh!!!! I'd loved to heave heard the entire conversation. It sounded a bit of a blinder.

So that was my mornings entertainment as I tonked around the Thames Path. No other news to report apart from the fact that for some reason my legs felt like heavy lumps of iron today. It was NOT an easy run and I had one of those miserable moments for a split second where you think "I'm bloody crap!" - but of course it could have been a number of things. a) I haven't been sleeping properly this week as Oscar the cat keeps waking us up at various times of the night b) my legs may still be healing themselves after the long run on monday. c) Just one of those runs where you feel shi**!

So roast chicken, roast vegetables and new pots await me, which means I must dash. Thanks for reading and I LOVE YOU ALL!


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I love listening in too! its great fun! :) well done on your run anyway Superdan, enjoy your dinner ! :)

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We love you too hunnibun! My cat is banned to the utility room and the Big Wide World overnight as she either brings in meece or just gets peckish. Either way, it means me charging around the house in the altogether in the middle of the night, which is to be avoided at all costs.

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Ooo I love that.. me and my hubby often make up backgrounds and tales about strangers around us, depending on what they look like, snippets of their conversation, what they're drinking etc - great fun :-)

There's not too many people about on these dark early mornings.. my most regular encounter is 'two-husky man'. His lady was with him the other morning, both out for an early puff (at 6.20 - smoking is bad but how on earth anyone can smoke at that time is beyond me).

Happy running :-) xx

ps you're not crap btw!


I love other people's conversations, I have my music in when I run so I don't hear that much but I do spend my time sometimes making up lives for the people I run past. I am slow so I have lots of time to make up stories. We all have bad runs lack of sleep is one of the worst for upsetting my runs. I also have a cat that wants to play at unwholesome hours. Looking forward to hearing your next exploits. Hope you enjoyed the chicken.


How about this one I heard this week as I passed 3 young ladies deep in conversation - '.... and he told me he doesn't always clean his teeth...'

I really wanted to hear the rest of it. ;)


Was already envious of you running along the Thames - and now I'm missing out on the gossip too!!!

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