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Week 2 Run 2

Week 2 Run 2

Good afternoon,

Well I must say that I was extremely stiff this morning & after the 5 minute warm up I felt a lot better.

The runs went well today and I can confirm that I can feel the benefits of this course..

I will be resting tomorrow and due to being off work on Tuesday & Wednesday I plan to do 2 more runs.

Looking forward to Tuesday!!!!!

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Re the stiffness: you and me both!!!

Glad you're enjoying it, remember to take it easy on Wednesday if you've not got a rest day after Tuesday's run.


WEll done, keep chewing up those runs and spitting em out. Some are easier than others but you just take each one in turn, deal with it and move on. Make sure you take your rest day!!! Most important. That's when your body sorts itself out and gets you ready for the next spurt of energy.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on


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