New stuff

New stuff

I just had to show you my new socks! Toesies!! With L and an R on them. I earned myself a couple of blisters on my toes last week, so I thought I would give these a try. Not socks to put on in a hurry I have to say and my teeny little toes took some persuading The actual fabric is lovely, very soft and there appears to be quite a lot of ventilation. They will go for their first outing on Sunday so I will report back then.

Also have a pair of compression socks and my lovely fucshia long sleeved top. The sleeves are a really good length and have thumb holes. Might not need to wear my gloves just yet.

My feet aren't really fat, it is very hard to take a flattering photo at that angle lol!! (also noticed it has loaded the photo upside-down - very strange)

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  • Looking forward to your review. I've never seen those before! If you're getting blisters, are your shoes right for you?

  • I think it may been a combination of toenails that needed a trim and my socks. They have been OK again this week. I was intrigued by these socks though and had to buy them. I have also just noticed that the compression socks also have L and R on them too. I can tell why they call them compression socks - they are fun to get on over chunky calves!!

  • I only noticed that my SD running socks have L and R on them after I'd been wearing them for several weeks. I couldn't feel any difference when I finally noticed. I've got revolting feet - bunions since I was a child. I had one removed in 2010, which was a huge op and contributed to some of the problems I have had with both legs and feet since. Running has, surprisingly, helped with those problems rather than exacerbated them. I will never understand the human body - it is a truly amazing thing.

  • At least you did put your's on the right feet.

    Unlike my wife who just wondered what the L & R meant on her X-Socks and had them on the wrong sides. I do have to wonder sometimes if anyone is actually 'at home' in the noggin department.....


  • That made me laugh out loud ;0).

  • That's funny Maysie - I assumed with a name like Maysie you would be female! I just so boring and conventional!

  • It's a sirname thing, but realise that it confuses people! Sorry!

    Should maybe get it changed to avoid confusion...

    I am MrMaysie on Garmin Connect for exactly that reason.

  • I thought you'd knitted those!

    Good luck running in those! They might take some getting used to

  • I do knit socks but definitely wouldn't be knitting toe ones, much too fiddly. I have to say that they were fab to run in. Really comfy and no blisters. I can see I will be buying more of them.

  • That was my first thought too, that you had made those! I will defo be buying some new socks when I get home, the ones I have here are like running with a shoe full of string!

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