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Can't believe I've actually stuck with the program since the 1st run had me gasping for breath 6 long weeks ago.

Just completed W6 run 3 and did just under 4k! At least half the run was uphill on Hampstead Heath so feeling extra chuffed :)

Gloating aside, does anyone get really bad headaches after a run? I get them quite a lot, even though I drink a lot of water before and after the run, eat fruit after etc. Any tips?

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Well done for sticking with it, it is an amazing programme. And hills too! I suffer with migraines and found that I used to get them sometimes when I first started running but pleased to say that I haven't had any for a while now. Maybe get checked out just to be on the safe side. Are you going out before eating? If so, maybe you need a little something before you set out? x :-)


Thanks! Trying to eat 1-2 hours before max, but occasionally have a banana before runs. Will experiment with different foods and see if it makes a difference x


Well done person with the most brilliant name.

As to the headaches, you might find it helps to ease off the pace a bit. I find I can't rattle my brain too much (one of many reasons I try to run on softer surfaces but you may not have much option) I wonder too if you are sensitive to cold which can trigger a nasty head later. Buffs are great for this as you can wear them as a hat that is easy to whip off as soon as it gets too warm.


Ahhh thank you! I do actually get ear/throat pain when I run sometimes, so some sort of headgear is a great idea :)


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