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Parting with Wk7... Wild Saturday night!

This week I've been feeling particularly half-arsed in regards to week 7 (It's the same run over and over again, I already know I can run for 25 minutes at a time, etc.). After the toothache incident last weekend, I was determined at the start of the week, but my focus has drastically dwindled since...

Following a run on Wednesday evening (9pm and pitch black! Lesson learned) I felt I should conserve some energy on Thursday and instead walk the 4 miles from my flat to work, telling myself I'd run on Friday.

Friday came and went with no run, but instead a last minute trip to a Kurdish restaurant at my sister's request (Would've been rude not to). So, today after work I was really feeling the pressure to run, but still no motivation. Eventually got a boot up the bum from some lovely motivators on the C25k facebook page, got out and did it!

Aaaand, managed my fastest mile so far (again).

Who says 21 year old students don't know how to rock a Saturday night, eh?!

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Congrats on your PB! And getting out there and doing it....


Well that was some Saturday night wasn't it? Well done for getting out there and getting a PB! :)


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