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Rest Days and Skipping Bits

I went for a run yesterday about 1.30pm and I'm planning on doing parkrun Saturday 9am. Is it enough rest in between if I go for a run tonight about 7pm as the sun sets?

Did week 5, run 2 yesterday afternoon and the parkrun is a 5K (count it as my week 5 run 3 or week 6, run 3) so is it too much to skip ahead to week 6, run 2? It's only 2 mins longer than week 5, run 2, so I should be fine right?

I was already fit enough to skip up to week 4 when I started but do you think this is too ambitious?

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You'll probably be fine for a run tonight. If your body feels ready, then you are.

I also don't see a problem with you doing the park run on Saturday and counting it as the next run in the sequence (which would be w6r1 if you do w5r3 tonight). That means that on Monday you should be ready for w6r2.

As always, listen to your body. Only you know how much you can demand of it. It's easy to get carried away and push yourself harder than your body is ready for. 90% of us do it (I was guilty of that as well). And usually the punishment is pretty harsh when your body eventually says stop. But who knows... you might be one of the 10% who can do it without any repercussions :)


Thanks Tomas. I think I'll go ahead with my plan and hopefully it will help me to run for longer without walking on Saturday!


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