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Happy, happier, happiest

Much less stressed as of a couple of hours ago.......so feeling much happier than of late. It was a work thing and a money thing and the uncertainty was dragging on but it's all sorted now. I find that when I get stressed I throw myself into trying to take control of what I can, i.e. my health, when the thing I can't control is looming large. Hence C25K. And now things are sorted I feel that the huge weight of the problem has lifted. But now the important thing is to continue with the good feeling of starting this program again. I've reached Week 5 today. Run 1 was hard but not impossible and Lovely Daughter (aka Lucky Ducky) joined me on quite a chilly morning here in Shrewsbury. So, big "Yays" all round! SB x

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I can nearly see your lovely light shoulders all the way down here in Bedfordshire, that sure was a huge amount to be carrying around if it was work/money related, never easy. I really hope you keep up the running, week 5 is tough but once you get past it you are well on your way so best of luck.


Thank you Nellyharte. Will definitely keep this up. I'm really, really enjoying the program. x


Glad you are feeling happier :) change what you can, work towards excepting those you have no control over is some good advice.

Good luck with the rest of the programme, it works :)

Happy running :)


Phew!! You've sorted out the things that were weighing you down, there'll be no stopping you now!


Glad you are feeling happier. Like you, I started C25K because of problems I can't fix - better than reaching for the wine bottle! Good luck with the rest of C25K


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