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Good advice!!

Thanks for all your wise words the other day when I was feeling bit fed up with myself! Just been out for a run this morning. Slightly different route, took it easy, allowed myself a few little walks up the hill and didn't check sports tracker until I was nearly back to my car. Could hardly believe it! Just over 5k in 36mins!!! Very pleased with myself!

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I'm really happy for you PL.

You have confirmed my suspicion that looking at a sports tracker or watch during a run actually makes it speed up. Meaning that the 5k run takes longer.

Isn't it lovely when you have a nice relaxed run, don't think too much about times and then find you've achieved a PB?


Well done, that's an impressive time!


And so you should ;) Well done :)


Great run well done Paraloopy


Wow, that's great! 5k and an amazing time :)


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