I blame you lot

I went into Boots for makeup this morning and came out with the 30 day shred DVD!!!! I realise that the first step in achieving the wonderful things it claims I can is to open it but it is currently sitting on the bench looking very scary & grumpy! If I end up in a strange position being carted off to A&E I shall hold certain members of this forum personally responsible for my predicament. Question. How many times a week do people do the workouts? Thx


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20 Replies

  • I think the die-hards do it every day? (Die-hards, you know who you are MissWN and PoppyP).

    I plan to do every day (day one yesterday - ooooh but I found new aches in the cupboards I haven't ventured into for a long time). However, I was wondering, just among myself, if any omnipresents will notice if I just do it every other day on my non run days. Ssshhhhh! But, Ms. Jillian seems clear about doing it continuously and not 'phoning it in' to get the calorie burn benefits. Toughie :D

  • Ha ha. WEll done you. I did my Ripped in 30 this morning. Week 3, workout 4. I was stunned when the music calmed down and it was cool down time. I was astonished that I'd done it! I was in knots the first few sessions.

    Don't worry if you don't follow it straight away. No-one can as you've not seen em before. The ladies on the workouts are not perfect, nor is Gillian. They make mistakes, they slip out of moves etc, which is good to see. They left all those in, which I'm glad about cos I know then it's not just me that finds it hard

    At first you might find it hurts your knees so go easy and do the modified versions to start with.

    When I did the first session I fell asleep on the mat!!!!! Ooops

  • I shall begin with non running days and see how I go. Happily today is a running day so she can grumble in her box until tomorrow :-)

  • Ha ha I bought mine many moons ago,kept looking at it , putting it back down, dusted it now and again , then finally put it into the player and did it :-)

    I think there are five of us on here now doing this , it is tough but its great . Its worth it just to hear Jillians motivational little phrases like " I want you to feel like youre going to die !! "

    Do you know what T ? There is nothing on the DVD blurb or in the actual content to say how many times a week you should do it . Im on Level 2 and at the end of the workout she says " See ya tomorrow " so I assume its every day , but I wouldn't worry too much if say you had 2 days rest at weekends maybe. I have been doing it everyday with Jax on here and had a days rest between Level 1 and starting Level 2 . I think as we progress I might have a rest day here and there .

    Good luck ! Hope you enjoy it . at first my legs and arms were all over the place and I still cant do a " proper " press up but there are modified versions you can do , just watch Anita on the DVD .

    Let us know how you go on :-) xxx

  • Hi Thp, I started doing it every day but now just do it on non running days, otherwise I found myself falling asleep at strange times in the evening! Maybe its my age! :-D

  • Thanks all. No doubt I shall be on here crying after my first attempt. I'm not the most coordinated of girlies!!

  • Giggling here :)

    I blame misswobble & Poppy followed closely by Bopeep for getting me to do it! Think slookies started too - :)

    When you get to watch it - you'll see you need floor space enough for example to do a few star jumps, able to lie on the floor with your arms outstretched; a mat or towel and 2 hand weights - I'm still using 2 large squishy squash bottles! Although Now I've started level 2 they're a bit awkward for a few of the moves! I think Jilly uses 3lb weights but am not sure what others recommend?

    Other than that I wear sports bra, shorts and trainers and headband and have to have the fan on!:)

    You probably know all this anyway but I was shifting things around the room as I was getting into places ahem positions not visited in decades:)

    Feeling great after 11 days - Good luck x

  • Thank you. I'll have to get weights sorted. Now if you hadn't mentioned this I could have used the excuse that I didn't know I needed weights and put it off for another day or 2 lol. Still reeling slightly from PP telling me that the DVD lady is going to want me to feel like I am going to die! Maybe I should return the DVD, delete this post and pretend it was all a nasty dream.

  • Really laughing now....:)

    And there's this one you are ssstttrroonng! It' s eeaassyy!

    Quick ake the cellophane off :)

  • Take .... Oh just open it!

  • Oh good heavens demergatroid!!!! That woman is pure evil. Came back from run 9.2 all enthusiastic and opened it!! Do you feel the pull on your shoulder. No Gillian. All I can feel is the sweat running down my face!!! The dogs think I have lost the plot. I was jumping around the living room like an arthritic elephant on speed. I think I need a wee lie down now.

  • Dear, Arthritic elephant on speed - Ahahaha - seriously I'm crying now! Tell me You didn't run w9r2 and then do the shred ?! Oh my word!

  • Lol. Ladies you are not helping ;-)

  • I did 30DS last year. It took me two months as I was doing it on running rest days but I think you can do it everyday if you want to.

    I did write posts as I going along but I'm not sure they're still available on here now the site has been changed - feel free to search though.

    I'm not going to lie, it is hard but I loved it - the only issue I had was that the Jumping Jacks hurt my knees (which is not good for running). I just substituted the move with Jump Rope.

    Good luck!

  • Well. Week 9.2 done so I came home to that woman!!! I knew I shouldn't have opened it. My reply to Jax above just about sums it up. Off to find a quiet, dark corner!

  • Don't ! You'll never be able to move again ;) shower, pj's, recovery foodstuffs and 2 ( no not 10) brufen or your choice!

    One run to go, 5k achieved AND 30 day shred commenced; there I was thinking you sounded so sensible saying you would do it on your non run days; that I'd thought about taking today off!!

    Sleep well tonight - missus x:)

    Ps I have to wear a headband and have fan on :)

  • Hot shower has been had, garlic chicken and buckets of water consumed. She makes Laura seem lovely! The dogs washing the sweat off my face as I lay on the floor helped the cool down process ;-) looking forward to bed. Brufen on standby.

  • Aw T , you did it and your run too ! Absolutely fabulous , hope you enjoyed it despite all the sweat spilt :-)

    She's fierce isn't she ? Very feisty, a little pocket dynamo, shes fab tho' I love her :-)

    Feet up now T, nice rest for you, you have done amazing today, you should be very proud of yourself, Well done to you :-) xxx

  • She is a smiling demon whip cracker!

    Big pat on the back! Rest day if not 2 for you now :) x save some for that graduation run x :)

  • Lovely rest day tomorrow. Grad run either Sunday or Monday. Hot bath booked for before bed.

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