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Route planned for the Silver City

We're going to Aberdeen this weekend, to help my father in law move house. My help mainly consists of driving his car back to York on Sunday. So I've been on getamap to plan a nice run for Saturday (not too far, not too strenous, this is my "easy" week).

From the hotel via Union Street and Market Street down to the harbour, where I know there will be numerous off-shore vessels to look at. Taking a small bridge across the river Dee, and then following the river past a couple of breakwaters to Girdle Ness. This part of the route should offer a stunning view of the North Sea to the left, and a nicely manicured golf course (a good walk ruined) to the right. Still following the coast line, along Nigg Bay, past the coast guard to the cliffs above Needle's Eye.

Here I'll turn inland to go through Loirston Country Park, where Tullos Hill is the highest point on the route. Looking at the contour lines on the map, it looks like the climb to the top 290 feet above the sea will be a "nice" hill that should get the heart pumping.

Back in civilisation, there is a stretch of a dual carriageway with suburbia on one side and an industrial park on the other. Doesn't look particularly nice for a run, and I know I won't enjoy navigating the on- and off-ramps and roundabouts, but it's only about a km, so I'm sure I'll survive. Another bridge over the river Dee will take me to the beautiful Duthie park for some gentle jogging on pleasant park paths before I again meet the granite houses of Aberdeen, where it's only about a mile back to the hotel.

It's always nice to run somewhere new, and I hope it will be just as nice as it looks on the map :)

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It's always good to run somewhere different Tomas, so Im sure you'll enjoy this run. Take a picture to show us!


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