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First 10k

So I went and did a 10k run today, I'm only on week 7 so I knew I'd be walking and running. So I got to the venue, was coming out of the portaloo's and somebody knocked into me and I go flying and bam I turn on my ankle. It was uncomfortable but I kept walking on it to see how it was.

The first km I tried to run but ended up walking most of it. I was able to go slow jog for the next 2km, walked the next km as it involved a steep hill and then uneven surface. We ran the last km. by this stage the 5km race had started so we got a bit stuck but the second lap was pretty much the same as the first. Finished it in 1hr 23. Wish it was faster but given the circumstances it's good.

The frozen sweetcorn was waiting for me when I got home! Foots up, slightly swollen . Have a work 5k run on Tuesday so hope it's ok

Think I'm going to stick with the 5k's for now

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I am on week 8 and signed up for 10k, good to read your post but so sorry you are hurt! Mine isn't until November. If i do it in 1hr 23 I will be super happy. Well done you! Hope the ankle gets better soon xx


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