W4R1 completed tonight, it seems that Laura's timing might be slightly askew.....the final 90 second walk was short and then the 5 minutes warm down just went on for ages until I unlocked the iphone and it then started again, I think the app may have a blip in it. That was probably my toughest run so far and the first time my legs ached whilst I was running. I went very slow and managed to finish it so very proud of myself but I'm not looking forward to W4R2!

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  • Nice work I've only just completed W1R1. Not ran for 30 years. Keep it up.

  • So many reports of the app freezing - I wouldn't waste your time with it. Download the podcasts nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... instead and use those. They're like any other mp3 file so they work beautifully.

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