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What 2 weeks downtime does to you!!!!

Went for my first run today for 2 weeks - during which time I have eaten and drank well (but not too excessively) & had a head cold. I ran 4 klms at 30 seconds per K slower than what I did 14K two weeks ago - and it nearly killed me . No lungs, stiff calves - sweating profusely -- couldn't have gone any further if I had wanted to!!! I can see that it is going to take me a bit longer than I thought to become once again a finely honed atheleet!!

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I'm sure it'll come back Bazza. My "easy" runs that I was doing in preparation for the parkrun were more like a minute and a half per km slower than I did on the big day. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Did you run all the way or did you do the run-walk to start getting back into it?

Have a nice rest day or two then get back out there but take it easy. We know you can do it! :)


No - today I only run/walked 1min/1min - so it should have been VERY easy. I am not being hard on myself -- just was a bit surprised at how tough it was today. But I have never had a sickness (just a rotten head cold) or a long payoff like that (2 weeks) in the past 6 months.


You'll get there Bazza, you can't keep a runner down! Sometimes I think these colds and things take a bit more getting over than we think too. Finely honed will be back! x :-D

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Hi Bazza. I am half a stone heavier following my 2 weeks in the sun. I'm sure your underlying fitness is there just don't push too hard and you'll get back on form. You got there before and you are starting from a better base now so don't worry I'm sure you'll get there.


I've been out of the running scene since early April time, I always keep tabs on what you folks are doing though! I will be back soon...though you have given me pause bazza. Well done for getting straight back to it after a short lay off, I wish I had done the same. :-(


I missed a lot of runs because of the heat, motivation and being away on holiday, over the course of a month. I did a few but they were hard. I started alternative day runs a week ago and am still struggling. Even a week in, I was still only able to manage 9.6km today. Was hoping to get to 13km which is where I was 5 weeks ago, but it wasn't to be.

I am sure we will all get there ...... eventually.


Well done for going out Bazza, I expect your tuned athleticism will be like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis as you return to running and form as per your plan and after a headcold.

Now I know how much you share with us about running and technique and run / walk etc (thank you btw) and you know what one and all say here "Slow and steady - put the miles in your legs and the speed will come" (back quickly I am sure) :)!


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