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Bang bang kaboooom!!

Went for a run this morning - my favourite 7K route which is an "out and back" journey along the river between Isleworth and Twickenham (via Richmond). I've just started a new job (a 3 week contract - most welcome) so I hadn't run for two days. That was fine though as I enjoyed the rest from running. However, this morning I really felt I wanted to go and knock out a 7, so off I went.

The weather was bright and fresh so perfect conditions. The only annoying thing was because I went out late (11am) there were loooooads of Sunday walkers, pushchairs etc to scoot around. Nearly crashed into one poor old dear who didn't hear me coming up behind her and we both did this "get out of the way" dance, whereby we both stepped EXACTLY the same way and couldn't seem to get out of this locked position! Once I'd passed her though it was Richmond Bridge time - so back down to the river. An alarmingly pretty pony tailed female runner in a bright yellow top was ahead of me. Could I overtake her? I decided to not exert myself to overtake cos that would have burned energy, along with the fact that if I did pass....I'd have to keep ahead and that might be a nightmare!!

I started to catch up just naturally. My pace was pretty good, but she was extremely constant. I got to about three paces behind her and I just knew I would never have enough to get past and stay ahead. Do you ever get that feeling? You know that if you pushed a bit harder you could pass someone, but boy, I didn't want to waste energy. This wasn't a race after all! Eventually the pony tailed wonder veered off into Marble Hill park and as I was carrying on, we parted (on very good terms...!).

I had to slow it down a bit. I was feeling heavy legged and this run was NOT going that brilliantly. I pressed on though, trying to run reeeeeeally slowly but I just can't do that. I seem to just ALWAYS speed up for some reason. Mentally I was forcing myself to slow to "recovery" pace and I think I may have achieved that as I reached the turn around point where I head back homeward.

Managed to get to the finish line and boy was I ready to stop running! Soooo tired after that 7. It's interesting how some days you feel like a feather and others like an overweight sloth. I got home and checked my times (just for a laff) and couldn't believe a set of 7 X sub 6 minute kilometres. The fastest K was chasing pony tail woman (story of my life!) but each K was fairly even in pace. Quite pleased with that.

Have a super duper Bank Holiday folks!

Ta ra!


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Go Dan the Man! So, we really need to know more about this ponytail - Blonde? Dark? Highlights? Lowlights? Natural English Mouse? Ginger? Straight? Curly? Dip-dyed?...


Natural English Mouse. But with a rather strange running form.....lots of swingy arms and scoopy legs.

ANyway, have just read about your 10 miles, so I'm gonna hide behind the sofa!


Well, as long as the collars and cuffs match.

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Dan the man does it again... a super speedy seven K spurred on by a sexy stunner in a ponytail... I gotta get on that Thames Path more often... mind you, I was chasing the lovely TT around Richmond Park today without even knowing it, but it seems we were miles apart... :) :)

Well done - that's quite an effort there - sub 6 for the entire 7km... top notch sir.. :)


What a great run and what a great time - inspired by that English mouse pony tail!


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