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Endurance runners... wow!

Did my 2nd Parkrun this morning. Not great time but new PB AND I managed a morning run!!


Walking the dog along the cliff path when I got home and all these runners keep passing with those water carriers on their backs. One guy stops for a rest so I ask him what they're doing. It was this...

I really want to take part in that next year. I was so amazed. He told me the ones with green on were doing the 64mile (100K)!!!!! route and had started at midnight. Some of them looked exhausted. Don't think I'll be going for that just yet but 11 miles I could manage next year I reckon.

You walk up the cliffs and run the downhill/flat bits it seems, at a slow pace.

So inspiring. Humans amaze me!

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I like the sound of that but without water on the back! Water stations sound much more appealing. 11 miles by next year. Yes! Definitely. I can do 10 miles and I'm a wrinkly

Well done on your Parkrun and your PB, and for getting up early to do it. Give yourself a pat on the back and a high five.


Thank you! Never had you down as a wrinkly! :-)


Yeah, I am. I'll soon be 57!


That's not so wrinkly! It's how your brain feels that's important I think - makes you young at heart :-)


Looks good :) I've been very tempted by the following (watch the video) which is just up the road from me. I'm running the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k on the 31st so it's a bit close but I think I'll be signing up for next year :) Looks like fun.

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Oh yeah! That DOES look like fun! Going to see if there's one near me

Thanks for the link :-)


You're welcome :) It does look good though :)


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