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Strength Run - road/trail/hill

Strength Run - road/trail/hill

Hi all :)

Tonight's run was my strength run so I headed out for my usual local off road route again which included a good mixture of road, trail and hill. I opted to extend the route slightly towards the end of the run to make a nice little loop of just under 5k.

Upon reaching the off road section, I found I had to stop a couple of times along the trail to navigate around a couple of fallen trees, courtesy of ex-hurricane Bertha ;) The photo above shows what I had to contend with. Not too much of an inconvenience really and, if anything, it actually added a bit more variety and interest :)

The 'hill' along the trail, actually it's set back from the trail, was ascended/descended half a dozen times in two sets of three, with a short run in between, just to work those legs a bit more ;) I suppose I'll eventually have to find a more taxing hill but for now I'm loving this trail too much not to run it once a week. I suppose I'll just have to increase the amount of times I run up it ;)

Well, that's my strength run that I complete once a week as part of my overall training regime and which I thought I'd share with you good people :)

Get those miles in your legs first and the speed will follow :) Happy running :)

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Hey, you could use it to train for an obstacle race :-)

Certain routes feel like different friends to me .... maybe I need to get out more!!

Glad you're having fun with it. Running is such a delight


Lol, never thought of using it to train for an obstacle race ;)


Ah, welcome to my runs! (Except that I am wimpy about real hills) I am still negotiating trees that have come down over the last 18 months +. Does nowt for speed of course but as you say, makes things interesting!


Oh dear ;o) You're right, doesn't help with speed at all. Fun though ;o)


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