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Back again after two years!

I don't know whether I'm a sucker for punishment but here I am again! I tried to complete Couch to 5k back in 2012 but due to problems with my knee I wasn't able to finish. I really really love running so I was totally fed up when I found it too much to complete the program. Rather than write depressing blog posts, I thought I'd leave it be and try and focus on other things. Since then I've taken swimming lessons, done yoga classes and completed several YouTube exercise programs... but none of it compares to running! So, after seeing both an osteopath and a physiotherapist, I'm trying once again to run.

I completed Week One last week and no major problems so far. Instead of running on concrete, I've opted to go to the park and run on the grass instead which is a bit softer. I'm also trying a new style of running where I'm not so heavy on my feet - although I seem to be going at an absolute snail's pace as a result!

I really wanted to go and start Week Two this morning but it's chucking it down. I don't always mind the rain but needing to run on the grass means I might slip over and get covered in mud. I might wait for the next break and then go out.

It feels odd to see all my old blog posts here. I remember how disappointed and upset I was the last time. This time I feel I've got to be more realistic... unfortunately, running isn't for everyone and I'd much rather be able to walk at the age of 70 than complete a 5k with knees like balloons at 27.

I'll be glad to hear about everyone else's progress and I'll update when I've actually managed to go out for a run!

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Hi sercreative and welcome back although I only joined the forum in February this year so wasn't around last time you were here. Glad that week one went well for you and I wish you all the best for the rest of the programme. Don't worry about the pace, just take your time with it and take care of those knees.

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Welcome aboard.....again ;o) Sounds like you have had a bit of a torrid time with those knees! Hopefully you will complete your c25k without any further problems. Good luck ;o)

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All the things you have been doing will help protect your knees. Have you thought about getting trail shoes so you're less worried about slipping over?

(Not sure what the problem is with getting covered in mud personally, although hurting yourself would be bad)


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