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More of a "run/walker" than a runner

More of a "run/walker" than a runner

I have been having trouble getting my act together recently. I was doing the Nike+ coaching programme to prepare me for the Colour Run on the 16th but sort of became disinterested. Started doing interval runs - walk 5 mins, run for two music tracks, walk for one, for about 30/40 minutes.

Today I decided to try a new route. It was mostly flat and in a nice place - but I just couldn't do the whole Stepping Stones run without stopping. Stopped about four or five times. This is the first time this has happened with Laura for company. And then I find that my pace was considerably slower!

Why is it that I ran almost 8km one day (a couple of months ago, albeit walk/run), and now I can't run 30 mins?

[Image from WikiMedia Commons - I didn't have the strength to get out of the car and take my own.]

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I wouldn't worry about it. Two cracking runners on here, Danzargo and MissWobble, have both posted about having to walk and being short of energy today. Just a bad day. Bet you're ok next time. Good luck :)


I am big supporter of Run/Walk - but I am coming to the conclusion that run/walking and non-stop running are mutually incompatible with one another as running systems/strategies. We need to do one ot the other. This is not to say that we cant mix them within a run if we run out of steam when running non-stop or even starting a run using a run/walk strategy and adopting a nonstop strategy later in the run.

But as training systems, they cant be intermixed. Run/walk training undermines non-stop running


Thanks Bazza and AncientMum.

I suppose it is down to what you want to achieve. I only came into this running lark by accident. I was swimming as part of my weight loss objectives until the swimming pool ceiling collapsed and I had to find something more challenging than walking.

I usually especially enjoy my runs on Sundays because there is no imperative to get home or work. So perhaps I should just enjoy what I do when I do it and stop beating myself up.

And I am told the Colour Run is more Fun than hard Run with interruptions every kilometre. I am not intending to enter any more runs or try a marathon.


Sounds like you have decided to simply enjoy it and go with the flow. Sounds very, very sensible. After all, it's what it's all about: Enjoying being active.

all the best :)


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