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W6R2 complete.... milestone!

Today I completed the last of the runs with a break in them. From now on it's solid running and building up time and stamina. Managed the run OK which was good but will need to be parking somewhere new as I overshot the car by a good few hundred yards. That I will leave to Friday's run where I will be bale to test out a new running top.

Saturday just gone I treated myself to a non-cotton running top. Cotton as I have found simply absorbs the effort and doesn't breath. I am hoping the new top will be of benefit.

Weight loss still seems to be on track, topping just over a stone now. Another half a stone or so and I'll also be looking forward to clocking up some miles on two wheels (assuming the weather doesn't head downhill too quickly).

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Sounds as if you're making real progress, good for you. Funny that you will have to park somewhere else as you are getting too good at the running though !


Well done ! All running now with no breaks as you say. All the previous weeks have built up stamina, so you should find it completely do-able. Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Well done! You're doing great. Now is the time to take really good care. Don't let the enthusiasm make you reckless. Keep yourself in check, no false moves and you'll be fine. We want you to get to the end of this without injury

I wouldn't worry about weather. You can run in practically anything. You only feel chilly when you get outside but once you've started your brisk walk you soon acclimitise. You'll surprise yourself.


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