Guess who's back

Guess who's back

Back again

Spoonies back, tell a friend

Guess who's back

Guess who's back

Guess who's back.....

Thank you for all the supportive comments on my last post I was really feeling so down and disappointed.

Last night I got in my little car and drove down the A610, M1, A14, A1, M11, A120 and then country lanes chasing promised rain and home - ESSEX.

I was pretty knackered by the time I arrived at around 10.30 (that's past my bedtime). I happy reunion with my tower fan followed and a much needed cup of tea. After remaking my bed - dad bless him had put on a 15 tog feather duvet - I snuggled down. It rained during the night. I woke up around 6 and it was cool and lovely but I was far too tired so I snuggled back down.

Around 9.30 it was still cool, grey and breezy out there and I thought what the hey give it a go.

I am so glad I did.

5.3 blooming glorious happy miles around my old playground - yes as a child I would stomp off to the local fields (a hop skip and a jump away from the house) and play, well today I was out there again playing.

So off I start, zombies are go (I really need to load up some new music) and I ran along my old dog walking routes (Samson the springer x setter, Fred the border collie, Solo the English springer and even Ferdinand battle dog the sprocker has traipsed these fields. They hold many happy memories).

I see runners. I've never seen people running these fields before only ever dog walkers and occasional cyclist. On I go up the farm track, down leafy lane (it's not really called that it's just a section of farm track my mum always referred to it as leafy lane) and then picking up the John Ray footpath/trail. Through fields and margins and then onto the wood. Run a loop through there and past a big dog that wanted to come along too, I must admit a big dog nudging you, even gently is a little worry when you don't know the character of the dog, the owners were very good and apologised. Pick up the 'offical' trail again onto the section that skirts the grounds of Rivenhall Hall, stop and walk because well, the last time I was here the avenue of tree were just twigs in the ground and now they are taller than me, I was nice just to take in the changing landscape of my childhood.

I know I wanted a long run so I had to loop back round a field, running on field margins and not a proper foot path so I hoped I wouldn't run into the grumpy farmer (hey maybe the grumper farmer has retired now and it's his less grumpy son!) again I had to stop to walking as the terrain was a little to unforgiving for road trainers and I can't risk my ankles what with needing to drive back to Nottinghamshire in a couple of days.

Back through the wood and then hit the trail in reverse to head back home, run through a corn field (not in a random field trashing kinda way, I was brought up a proper country girl and I respect farmers livelihoods, the foot paths in some areas are right though the middle of fields). Another dash throught the middle of a field well by his point walk cause it had been ploughed recently and the footpath not quite trodden back in - it's very unforgiving underfoot.

And now the home stretch and determination that this last bit I was going to run all the way and I did.

Wooohooo and I've completed my runkeeper goal of 8km by the end of the month. I am happy that I am doing these longer distance with run walk in a haphazard way, but come the cooler weather I might embark on a 10k training program.

Right now what to do with the rest of my day? Ummmmm I seem to remember Freeport Outlet village has a Nike store.........


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46 Replies

  • Oh spoonie that's a lovely post. What a lovely lot of pics too, that looks like a super place to run and so many happy memories too. Glad you completed your runkeeper goal. well done. But the thought of a 15tog duvet has me sweating just reading about it! x :-)

  • Yes I looked at the 15tog duvet and almost melted, had to get the summer duvet out, thankfully it was a quick fix.

    It really is lovely and I am glad I have been able to run back 'home'

  • That's amazing Spoonie. Firstly, well done for getting back out there. And secondly, what a way to do it. That route sounds wonderful.

  • Thank you

  • Well Done Spoonie :)

    That looks like a lovely route and it's brilliant to reach your goal. It sounds like you were very sensible to walk the parts where it was tricky under foot, no one wants a visit to the IC!

    I'm very jealous of your shopping, nike running gear is just so cool and just so out of my price range :) Let us know if you make any lovely purchases.

  • Thank you. I want some trail shoes and I'm hoping they might be a bit cheaper from the outlet stores. I didn't go today, but there is one not too far from where I live in nottingham so that's ok :)

  • Wow Spoonierunner, it sounds like you had a great run and you sound so happppppyyyyy. Did you hit the Nike store?

  • Thank you. No I didn't pop to the outlet village in the end - there is one not too far from where I live in Notts.

  • Welcome back Spoons. Sounds like you had a lovely time back home. 15 tog!!!! Your dad wanted to coddle you I think

    I went to Ikea in Notts yesterday and noticed a great big Decathlon shop! Ooooh eck. I resisted mind you having been to Lidl the day before and spending too much.

  • I live not too far from that decathlon store :D

  • Welcome back Spoonie! :-) And welcome home to Essex! How does it feel running on home ground again?!

    Very very well done; 8K is brilliant. You deserve to treat yourself to some nice new running gear after that achievement! Not far to go now until you're saying 'ow do to 10K! :D

    Freeport Outlet Village. Oh how I remember that, quite well. My ex-girlfriend of a few years back, the one from Braintree, used to work there and I used to go pick her up from work on Saturday afternoons. Small world!

    Congratulations again; so pleased to hear of your 8K! :-)

  • I didn't go to Freeport in the end. I went to Heybridge with my Dad and we had a walk along the seawall and canal and then dinner. I have to take my Dad shopping tomorrow although I am not sure I will really be feeling like it as I have to take the cat to the vet in the morning and I suspect the worst :(

  • Great idea to go somewhere you love that you don't normally go .... must store that in my head for later.

    So glad to hear you're back out there and sounding all happy about it again! :-)

  • It was lovely.

    Thank you

  • SD HQ is nearer to me Spoons but being I was in the vicinty I thought I might take a look as my son wanted some running shoes. He was being restrained too as he had loads of stuff to get from Ikea, so we both averted our eyes. I thought I might lash out another £4 for the aqua vest from Asda though, nearer pay day

  • Sports direct still scares me.

    Decathlon do awesome base layering for the winter, and the running stuff I've got from them is great.

  • Hooray! So glad you're back and enjoying it. Sounds like a great run - long one too!

  • Thank you, it wasn't planned I was hoping for 5k but then just carried on.

  • Fantastic news. So glad you're back.

  • Thanks

  • Woohoo Spoonie ! Fab photo and great to hear you feel so upbeat and happy, the change of scenery seems to have worked wonders for you !

    Great run too , look at all those calories you burned - that is hardcore :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your visit :-) xxx

  • Those calories burnt meant I could have pudding at the pub on top of a big roast dinner :D and that was after the 2/3 mile walk along the seawall and back round to the canal.

    Not sure how much of my visit I am going to enjoy as I have to take the cat to the vets tomorrow and I don't think it will be good news :(

  • Glad it went well. Sounded great & I take it no grumpy farmer/son materialised - even better.

  • Thank you. I did see the tractor but they were in a field way off from me :)

  • Hope it was a John Deere. All other tractors are pretenders. Now that makes me sound weird doesn't it? I have a thing about John Deere tractors. They are like giant toys. Steer clear of those farmers.

  • I wasn't close enough to see the make sorry

  • Oh Spoonie xxx I will keep my fingers crossed for you , and hope it is good news xxx

  • Thank you :(

    I am a little angry at my dad but I am having to hold my tongue seems a friend had mentioned the lump to my dad months ago (I wish she'd phoned me to say she was concerned) and the fact he was losing weight (the cat) and my dad just kept saying his eating ok, and never bothered to actually pick him up and look at the lump. But he is so thin and the lump is massive and he is obviously in pain, he is an elderly cat. I am making a fuss of him today as much as I can without hurting him :(

  • Oh Spoonie , I am so sorry to hear that xxx Where abouts is the lump ? xxx

  • Tummy.

    I have his sister and if I didn't know they were the same age I would have said he is much older. I think he is glad I've come home, he normally would bother with me but he is in my bedroom, I think he can tell I will look after him and get him the pain relief he needs whatever that maybe.

    I regret leaving him with my dad now :( but we left him cause he didn't seem happy being in a big group of cats and thought he would be nice company for my dad and a link to my mum as he was her cat.

  • Oh Spoonie, so so sad. Pets bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, but they also break our hearts too xxx

    I know you will do the best for him xxx

  • Go Spoonie Go! Amazing the difference a new route and a break makes, eh? Well done you!

  • Thank you

  • Great news ! Glad you weren't too put off by the other day and 8+k is really good !

  • Thank you

  • Great to see this - your last post was so desperate..

    And to go from that state to such a great run - well wow is all I can say to that!

    The weather is due to be a little damper and the temperature a little lower, so hopefully all that, along with the memory of today's cracking run, will keep you going.

    :) xx

  • Thank you

  • So glad you got out there today.

    Don't beat yourself up about the cat - you do what you think is best at the time. Sending you strong vibes for tomorrow.

  • Thank you

  • So pleased to see you had a lovely run today. Sounded lovely a great post.

  • Thank you

  • What's his name? The cat, that is, not your Dad. Thinking of you. Unless you have pets you don't know how much they mean. A bit like this running lark really, but much more ... Well - just more.

  • His name is Spike and his sister is Drusilla (as in from Buffy the vampire slayer)

  • Spoonie -- you are not running spasmodically, you are running opportunisticly, and I should really charge you for it- Because I have only recently invented it and intend to Patent it sometime. The rules to opportunistic running - is that you must run downhill (no point in walking downhill) , must make it to the top of all hills is some manner suitable to you personally at the time, and must undertake (at least for a majority of the time) a run/walk strategy on the flat country. These rules all carry a proviso that you may also do whatever you like at any given time - run, sit, lie on your back - but it must result in completion of the set task originally intended at the start of the run.

    Got it??

  • Got it :D

    Thank you

  • Opportunistically - I really like this idea. Patent it straight away.

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