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arrggg....just as I was getting there!

I started C25K in April and was doing very well until 3 weeks ago and managed R1W9.... when a family crisis/chest infection scuppered my attempts at completing week 9. I did manage the local Race for Life on Sunday - running/walking...and completed in 43'...puffing and coughing! I am pleased that I have managed to keep going as I think it has helped my lungs (I have long standing asthma) but now need to decide what to do next. I am pretty certain that I cannot manage week 8/9...perhaps I should start again at week 1 to build my confidence again?


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Hi Suze52, sorry to hear you have had to postpone the C25K but very very well done on the Race For Life and a good time too! I think you probably need to (a) go back to a week that looks doable to you, maybe week 4? (b) make sure you have a nice location to train, try and change it to a different location than the last attempt as this will refresh you hugely. It worked for me when I had a set back and didn't really want to go back in the weeks so I just changed location so it felt new and gave me a boost. Good luck and I hope the lungs keep improving.


Congratulations for the Race for Life! Good luck with resuming c25k.


Try and move on without going back and see how you get on. You can always review the situation if you don't manage it. There's no pressure or time limit to this so don't stress yourself unduly

Relax and enjoy the run. Set out to have a good time, smile on your face, and go (big smile back at yer!)


I agree with misswobble. This is one of those situations where not expecting to complete may yield happy surprises.


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