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Triathlon training - could have done the cycling and swimming at the same time!

Last day of cycle training this morning before my Dozzer's triathlon attempt tomorrow. Went out for a ride with my OH. Been out for about half an hour when there was a huge rumble of thunder and the skies opened! The rain was bouncing off the tarmac and water was soon flowing down either side of the road. In no time at all I was dripping wet and it struck me that I could justifiably count this as a swimming expedition!

Hope that the weather is a bit kinder tomorrow!

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Oh dear, not good. It has been a weekend of downpours hasn't it? your post got me thinking. Could half an hour in a pedallo count as a combined cycling and swimming event? ;)

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No Second Lientenant AncientMum (ents div) it doesn't.


Can't blame a girl for asking :)


Good luck for tomorrow ullyrunner!


Thanks. I will do my best to make you proud!


Good luck on your triathlon.

Hope the weather improves slightly, but not too much so it is a comfortable day.

Happy running, cycling, swimming!


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