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Hats off to you day time runners

I really dont know how you do it.

Since my very early weeks of C25K I have always ran in the early morning. It stsrted off that way to avoid people from seeing me but I grew to enjoy it and as spring turned to summer and the heat started to build (not too mention the insects!!!) I felt it was the right thing to do.

Tonight, I went out for an early evening run...

Bloody hell!!!!!! I must have lost about 2 stones in sweat but gained 3 stones in eaten insects. I am so glad I did it but I cannot see myself venturing oht in the evening again until Octoberish....

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Me too (except on the odd and very unavoidable occasion). Early morning all the way until the Autumn. Although as my half marathon is mid September maybe I should get some 'heat training' in as it may be hot on the day (a prospect I'm dreading but suspect the organisers praying for! :-) ).


I will keep my fingers crossed for a calm day with a nice cooling drizzle Anna. Good luck with the run and the training :D


As an asthmatic I find the air quality is better early morning. We don't get the same high temperatures up here that you are getting but living in a city the traffic fumes are really bad from 4:00-7:00pm even later if the cloud cover is low. So its early morning or forest runs for me every time. :)


I went too, about 16:30. Only managed 3k and had to go home. I usually do 6/7K! Too hot to breathe!


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