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Returning to running after a 9 week break

After completing Couch to 5k twice, I was on a great roll with one to two 5k runs during the week and a 10k on a Saturday - I then had to stop as I had neck and shoulder pain which was getting worse - I started seeing an Osteopath weekly who put me on a complete running ban. Now after session number 7 yesterday, he has told me I can go for a "gentle" run and of course be aware of posture and stop if anything hurts! My question is, after 9 weeks off, where should I start? I don't really want to start all the way from the beginning again (but will if I have to) but of course don't want to cause any damage!

Anyone else had a similar experience that could give some advice?


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I'd try W1R1 and if that's easy got to W2R1 and keep going to the next week until you reach one that feels like a challenge and then complete the whole week and the rest of the program :)


Glad you have had the go ahead to run again.

After I had been running for 8 months I had various health problems and ended up not running for almost 3 months. To work my way back I did 1 run at week 1, 1 at week 2, 1 at week 3 and 1 at week 4, all of week 5 then all of week 6. Then I just ran for 27/28 minutes a couple of times then back to 30 minutes. This took about a month and I felt fine throughout. I was out today for 34 minutes and am feeling great. Good luck :)


I think I would just start perhaps doing a 10 min run at not too fast a pace, see how it goes and gradual increase the time, rather than going back to a set week in the programme.


Thanks for the suggestions - All good ones, this is why I love this forum!

I'm planning a gentle weekend run so I'll have a think about which one to do from the suggestions. This forum is so good - really appreciate all your help!


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