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W4 R1

Completed my first week 4 run and felt surprisingly OK... of course I felt it more later but was surprised by how I managed to keep going. I think perhaps the steady pace helped. I certainly didn't feel dead at the end of it so that gives me more hope for the second run this afternoon...!

This is about as far as I got in the program a couple of years back so perhaps I am a bit more aware of how the program works and am prepared to just go with the flow rather than trying to hard to push myself with the hope of expecting great results. Who knows, but I certainly felt more like a runner on Monday that I ever have since leaving school some xx years ago.

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That's great, I think it's a good idea not to push too much when we are still in the early days of our lives as runners. I know that slowing down the pace (even a wee bit) makes such a difference to my stamina and enjoyment of running that it's well worth it. I read somewhere (probably on this forum) something about not worrying about pace until you have been running a year. My first anniversary comes around this month but I had 3 months off with ill health so I am giving myself another 3 months before I push for a sub 30 5k ---- or maybe I won't bother :)

Sounds like you are definitely going to keep running this time. Enjoy your run this afternoon.


How come you are running twice in one day?


Ahhh, the answer to this question was that I posted my first run a day late..! Should have posted R1 result Monday eve.


Sounds to me like the programme is working for you this time. At this point, forget all about pace and distance - force these concepts out of your mind - just think about running and time -- run long enough to complete the allotted time for the given task. If you can't complete a task, slow down the energy output a bit until you can - and then move on to the next task.


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