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Suffering today

After the park run on Saturday I started to feel burnt on my got worse overnight and since Sunday morning I have a burning itchy rash all over my neck and face which is absolute torment and my face is a bit swollen. The only relief is cold compresses and I'm dosed up on antihistamines. I also feel a bit generally unwell and was aware if becoming a bit shivery during the park run. I drank water, wore a hat etc. It's happened before and gp has diagnosed photosensitivity due to side effect from medicine. Weird thing is that I am often perfectly ok in the sun. I want my body to be normal so I can get back outside!

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Not often we get sun is it so I think we are a bit surprised when it gets us, as in your Parkrun. I bet you never really gave it a thought as you were concentrating on something else. I burn so easily so before my 10 mile I made sure I was well covered in lotion. The stuff I got from Avon disappeared once rubbed in so I didn't look like one of those swimmers covered in goosefat!

You'll be fine in a few hours Wills, once everything calms down. You'll have to keep up with the aftersun cream and keep out of the sun for a bit. Take care petal


Hi Willica. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I live in Australia and we are big on covering up in the sun with hats suntan cream and long sleeved shirts. In fact in the West (of Oz) we have a skin protection programme called slip slop slap ( slip on a shirt slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat!!) that's been running for years because of the risk of skin cancer. It's corny but helps kids and adults alike remember what's ideal. Anyhow, we wear a lot of rashies here in summer which are very thin Lycra long sleeved high necked tops in various colours that have a very high UV rating and I wondered whether this might be a good investment for you for outdoors running?? Sounds like you did the hat and sun cream thing, this might be extra protection that wouldn't make you overheat. Also you aren't reacting to your suntan lotion are you?? Hope you feel better soon anyway. Cheers


I'll look into a rashie - its the front of my neck under my chin (the only bit not covered up) which has the worst rash. I found some burn gel in the cupboard with tea try oil which is cooling things down a bit. My skins not actually got sun burn its hives/prickily heat but it is improving now and headache is going.


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