Will Couch to 5K help me achieve my goal?

I am a 19 year old female at about 5'7 and 140 lbs. I am aware that this is within the normal BMI range, however, thanks to the notorious freshman 15 (I actually gained about 10 pounds), I am not where I want to be. It is not so much the weight that I have an issue with, but it is the fact that my unhealthy habits cannot be good for my health and my body. Weight loss will hopefully just be an added benefit :) I am ready for a lifestyle change. Where should I start? How long will it take to start seeing results? Is couch to 5k a good approach?

If anyone has advice, personal experiences, similar circumstances, or encouragement please let me know!


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  • What's a Freshman 15? A rugby team?

  • C25k is brilliant for improving your general health and fitness. You will lose inches as your body tones up but not necessarily lbs, unless you combine it with a weight loss diet. If you want to kick start a new healthier lifestyle, then c25k would be ideal. Give it a go and see how you get on. :) :)

  • Thank you so much for that insight! I am excited about starting!

    And "The Freshman 15" is just an expression that is commonly used to describe the weight gain that many college students experience during their freshman year of school.

  • I started running to cope with stress and anxiety, which had caused me to loose my appetite and become really gaunt. Running forced me to start eating healthily again (because I was hungry for stuff that was going to do me good for the first time in months), and toned my entire body. Don't think I've ever felt so confident in my skin so yes; definitely a good way to tone and strengthen your whole body, and if you tackle hills as well, absolutely amazing for your legs and bum!

    I think I started to notice the difference in terms of body shape about week 4, and other people around week 7 or 8. Emotionally, I started feeling loads better almost right away.

  • My son is just back from Uni and has also experienced the freshman 14. He is now trying hard with weight training and swimming to lose it before 2 weeks in the sun. He's not tried C25K but it's worked for me. I think you will probably gradually drop back anyway but C25K would definitely help get you fitter.

  • I asked this forum a question not so long ago you may like to read the answers I got it might just confirm how good it is if you have any doubts about running


    Good luck with the program and Uni too :)

  • You could walk more while at uni, to and from your digs to uni, that sort of thing rather than taking the bus or car. Combine that with running and healthy eating, plus maybe take advantage of student gym etc, join one of the uni sports clubs. You are well placed to get the help you need. Also preparing food on a student budget is quite useful as you can't really afford takeaways, and the cheap food like potatoes, pasta, onions and tinned beans are fortunately healthy and you can make some good meals. If you are sharing digs you can buy in bulk with your room mates

  • My son had the freshman 15..... Followed by the sophomore 15... Followed by the.... If only I could persuade him to do C25K! A proper diet is the right way to go of course, but in my (extensive) experience I have to admit it can be a bit of a trial. I found that eating sensibly combined with C25k gave me a positive aspect to weight control and a focus on a goal that wasn't completely dependent on a weekly visit to the bathroom scales.

    You might as well give it a go, it's a only a light jog......

  • I lost weight (two stone before I started c25k, then another) with the 5:2 Diet and I'd thoroughly recommend it.

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