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A question of Sport

Well I have been off here for far far too long, so I thought it’s time to come back online to say a quick hello and let you know what I've been upto.... lots and lots of new faces as well as plenty of familiar ones too. So hello to everyone old and new.

First the bad news is that my running has virtually dried up (it's been months since I last ran) and while I really do miss the achievement of finishing that long run, what I don't miss is the pounding I used to give my knees & ankles. So I'm working on a cunning plan which will get me back out there soon. The first part involves getting fitter and lighter & stronger and the second part lets me explore different routes.

So fitter lighter & stronger, well the good news is that I haven't been completely idle as I have taken to cycle commuting for the last few weeks and I can already see that the energy & frame of mind I got from learning to run properly is starting to show real results with my riding too. I’m riding 4 times each week & each ride for 28k – which I would say is the equivalent of an 8-10k run - so in my book I’m doing the same as 4x8k runs each week & already starting to see the waistline changing and every ride brings the energy levels back up.

I’m also getting to see much better routes too – the commute in is along tow paths for 20k, and then commute home covers 15k on them too – so over 2 commutes I cover 35k of different tow paths which would make perfect running routes (I only ever covered 7k of them when I was running before) - although the 21k on the road is a bit hairy at times!!

Which has then given me the second part of my plan.

For my routine running I used to go out until half way, turn around and head back and only ever covered a maximum of 14k – but this meant I had a choice of options. If I wasn't feeling up to much, I could easily turn a 10k target run into a 7 or 6 k run because I “felt tired” or “needed to give in” – it was all same old routine, I was no longer progressing and just started letting myself down.

But with riding I don’t have any choice I have GOT to do the distance otherwise I won’t get home – and the next day I have GOT to cycle into work because that’s where my car is. So you see this slight change has finally silenced my demons, rather than telling myself “I can’t do this” – now the message is “I have GOT to do this” … and a few more weeks I know I will be saying “I can do this” because I will be doing it …. there is a healthier person inside me somewhere I just need to find him!!

So the question of sport isn't so much which one you choose to do, but more what you choose to get from it.

Happy Running everyone

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Hi MatthewW. Been wondering where you'd gone! Great to hear from you. I used to love your posts about running along the tow path and hope you'll carry on posting now. Your scheme sounds excellent!. I am crocked at the moment but I am hoping with WY Go-cycling team they can get me to a safe place for cycling. Then I can maintain the fitness I achieved through running.

All power to you! and all the best to you!

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Fabulous that you've found something where the demons can't get you...enjoy the cycling and I hope one day you might find the passion for running....However its just great you are doing something that makes you feel great and is definately making a difference to the waistline...thanks for posting the update. Happy panthering.


Well done on getting on your bike and doing something positive about your fitness

Now just make fewer trips to the beer fridge, and keep off the fags, and you'll be as fit as Mo in no time

Enjoy yourself out there!


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