Overweight and still over 60 :-)

Still plodding along but much faster and definitely fitter. But weight loss is slow (19 lbs lost another 40 lbs at least to go) which I know is the best way to do it and I cant do anything about the age.. tee hee :-) .

My question is to all those who have lost heaps of weight will I be able to actually run faster and wizz along 5k as I get lighter or is this just wishful thinking on my part xx


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  • I can't say yes or no Plodalong as I'm in the same position - I've dropped a dress size but the weight is coming off so slowly.

    I hope so - I think its the weight slowing me down.

    In any case it certainly won't slow me down to lose it x

  • The way I look at it, every 2 pounds overweight is like carrying around a bag of sugar (showing my age here, probably 1kg nowadays, not that I buy sugar any more).

    So, if you are 40 pounds overweight that is like carrying 20 bags of sugar around with you!!!!! Imagine it.

    The running must improve without all these bags of sugar, surely? I hope so as I still have at least 15 bags of sugar to lose.

  • I have been running now for over 12 weeks and haven't lost any weight at all. I was really disappointed, but consoled myself by realising that I must be a lot fitter than before. I am hoping that all of a sudden it may start to drop off, but I am not holding my breath.

  • You will lose weight and it definitely gets easier when you do. Think of the weight you have already lost as one of those giant bags of dogfood. You've already put that down, and you'll shortly be unloading even more shopping! I will never be quick, that's for sure, but it gets easier and easier, and the strength and health I feel in my body is amazing. Keep going, and much strength to you!

  • Hi Plodalong, worry not! I'm fast approaching 62 (as you said, nothing much to be done about that) and I too have lots to lose still! I started running back in Feb and am sure I went up a few pounds as my body changed and presumably heavier muscle defined my body better than fat. As I approached graduation in April I changed my eating too - I have always been a foodie but became determined to eat much more sensibly/healthily, and better for my improving fitness. I think the two complimented one another and my overall sense of well being is now vastly improved - amazing. Only in the last couple of months has my weight started reducing! I've lost a stone - so not as good as you, but I do think that slow, steady loss is likely to be more permanent. I'm certain I'm running a little faster, and I know my breathing is a lot easier - lets just keep plodding along and unloading the 'shopping' ... I loved mehitabel's analogy! :) I feel no need to prove anything by running speedy 5ks, I'm just eternally grateful that I found the programme, this forum, that I actually CAN run 5 or more ks, and that I am healthier now than I was 20 years ago! Cheers, Linda :D X

  • You are absolutely right. I also am still focusing on doing 30 mins rather than any sort of speed or distance. I am also feeling so much fitter and healthier than some of my younger pals.

    I am growing to love plodding along through the woods in the peace of our lovely countryside.

    So keep up with the healthy eating and we will become slimmer.

    Underneath my many layers I know there must be a beautifully toned me.... I just have to be patient to meet that person :-)

  • I'm similar to LMS2110, I'm 62 and very overweight. It took me months to complete couch to 5K and it wasn't all enjoyable, more mind over matter. I lost a dress size while doing the programme but less than half a stone in weight. I'm now doing the three stamina and speed podcasts as I'm still incredibly slow but I have lost 10 lbs this last month and 7 lbs the month before so finally I'm getting weight rewards for my efforts.

  • Thats pretty good weight loss.. well done to you !!

  • Wow, am so heartened by your news ... I guess everything comes to those who wait, are patient, or those who are 60+ and kinda stuck in years of poor eating habits! We have to turnaround all those naughty, well-fed couch years ... Cheers to us all, eh ;) it has been hard work but the health rewards are going to be sooooooo worthwhile xx

  • I think that's our problem it took me years to get this fat and unfit but I want it cured in a few short weeks :/ I decided when I hit 60 that I'd been on a diet of some sort for 45 years and it really hadn't helped so I'd just get fit and I am hugely improved in fitness. 4 months ago I discovered MFP and it has been brilliant. I expect the weight loss to slow down now but hopefully keep steady Yay Go me :D Self confidence is one of my real improvements.

  • Congratulations plodalong, C25K is a challenge in itself but to change your diet at the same time must make it more so. Every pound lost is going to help you in everyway :)

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