Do you have a 'running' personality?

Okay, there's almost certainly no such thing but I got you to look :-)

I freely admit to having two obsessions in life, one is running and the other is personality and psychology - neither of which I am trained in!

Is there a correlation between these two things I wonder to myself. Highly unlikely but what could be better than bringing two obsessions together?!

Either way, it may interest you, whether or not you choose to tell of your type below, but it would be interesting to see (if there is any correlation)....

(I'm INFP)

Info and long test;

Short test;

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66 Replies

  • I am INTP. I took the quiz but no idea what the result means

  • Congratulations! The first link will have a grid of the 16 types and if you click on INTP it will tell you about your type. See if it sounds like you.

    Interesting that we're both INxPs

  • I did this and the myers briggs type indicator years ago but can't remember my results . Re took the test and got ESFJ , so nearly the opposite of you .

  • How interesting, thanks for posting :-)

  • Another ESFJ here (no surprise that an Aussie is an extrovert). I've done a few of these and always find them interesting... Bill Clinton is an ESFJ too.. as is Donald Duck... :)

  • Thanks :-) So interesting! It's good to see who you are 'like' I think

  • I am INFP as well :-)

  • Yay! *high five* that explains your alien picture! :-)

  • It's Megamind :-) I have a lot of sympathy for the character - I totally relate to him. :-)

  • ooooo i like this I_will ...... let me add my type for your research ..... ISTJ (34%) ... sounds a bit dull and starchy but then that could be true ... somebody's got to be boring hey!!! Thanks for posting :-)

  • Ooo oooo ooooo i take it back! Can i take it back? Please? I'm not boring at all!!! I just looked at the celebrities list - there are some seemingly smashing folk under my heading (from the ones i'd heard of) and ...... relax :-)

  • Thanks for joining in :-) glad you like it. No one is boring!!!

  • ISTJ (50%) It seemed to struggle with me. I took the short test, 25 questions, but at the end it said I was a tough one and asked a further 5 questions. Still couldn't decide so asked me a further 5 questions! Maybe I'm just too complicated :)

  • Complicated is good :-) thanks for posting your do I make a pie chart at the end?!?

  • A pie chart? Not sure. Is it an option within the link you provided?

  • No, was just thinking of showing a result of types here, but I'm only half serious as to get a real result we would need to know everyone and not just those who happened/were drawn to look at this post.

    Phew! Bet you're sorry you asked!!

  • Haha.

  • Hi. I just did this and am an ISFJ - quite near the mark but I am no Jennifer Aniston! Very interesting

  • Hi mossy, I came out as ISFJ on both too, the shorter one rated me at 95%. Just read the description and ouch, too accurate!

  • Thanks for joining :-)

  • Hi notbad. Just read your reply. Good to have company. I only did the short test before I had to go out. Will have to try the other one.

  • Also INFP (though the FP and P come out as "slight" preferences). I've done various other MBTI over the years and this is how it usually comes out !

  • Hooray for the INFPs...not that I'm biased or anything!

  • I'm an ENFP...genuinely pleased to be the same personality type as The Little Mermaid!!...oh and lots of other real people of course!

  • Three cheers for the ENFPs!! And the Little Mermaid :-)

  • I'm an INTJ. Pure analyst. Which may explain why I love my Garmin!

  • Oh, I'm sure it does! Statistics

  • INFJ here.Wow ! Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King. Mother Theresa AND Geoffrey Chaucer !!!

  • Oh, INFJs are interesting! :-)

  • Same here henpen, very interesting!

  • Today I am teetering between ENTP (Jim Carrey!?! NOOOOOOO!!) and INTP (JRR Tolkein and Richard Dawkins!). It will probably be something entirely different tomorrow.

  • Brilliant! Perhaps you are right between being introverted and extroverted!

  • INFJ -I took the long test cos the short one kept saying just 5 more questions. Just 5more questions.... Good to know I'm in the same illustrious company as Matin Luther King, Mother Theresa et al. :)

  • Ah, I get on with the INFJs I know irl very well :-)

  • ISFJ: wow, having just read the description it is quite scarily an accurate description of my personality and behaviour......quite eerie!

  • Oh, I like that! :D

  • Hi,

    Took the test, but no straight answer there .

    Could have a split personality as I am INTP and INFP in nearly the same proportions.

    Looked at the descriptions, and both have a fair amount of truth....

  • I would rely on what sounds most like you. I'm INFP and I'm definitely confused most of the time!

  • then I guess it will have to be INTP.

  • Great! It's a very interesting subject

  • Did not realise the 2 test were different, so have now taken the long test and this time I came out as ISTP! But the description does not match much.

    Pity there is not a confused type as surely this would describe me !

  • Also ISTJ apparently ... I don't really know anything about any of the celebs except George W Bush which I'm not that impressed by - and i really couldnt call myself a planner! I wish!

    What's your type Iwill?

  • I'm INFP! Maybe repeating the test several times will give you interesting results...(but perhaps only if you are obsessed!!)

  • INFP as well.

  • Hooray!! Three cheers for us. Actually as a type we're likely to be drawn to personality stuff :-)

  • I got a mixed bunch of results. Does that mean I'm a bit mixed up. Hehe.

    The results show how likely you are - according to my math - to be each type.

    The way to know for sure is to read about each type and see which description fits you best. Test complete! (restart)

    26% INFJ

    16% ENFJ

    10% ENTJ

    9% ENTP

    9% ISFJ

    If you know your type, you can help (improve) 25quiz:

  • I would say the top one is your result. I have repeated both tests several times and the top result in the 25quiz was certainly the most accurate for me

    Thanks for posting your results :-)

  • That's interesting, when I did this 7 years ago I was an ESTJ and now in both quizzes I'm a ISFJ hmmmm....... :)

  • How strange, perhaps your E/I and F/T are both fairly well balanced or your first result years ago was somehow erroneous. Did you read the descriptions? Perhaps one will fit you better.

  • I'd say my new one is a better fit than my old one, I guess my E to I is easier explained, although I've never liked crowds etc I can socialise and did more of that when I was younger and before I had a fiancée, although I've always preferred to be at home with a book than out partying most of the time :) as for the T to F I have no idea maybe I'm close on these being a research scientist (thinking) but I'm very attuned to emotions (feeling side?) I don't think I'm an extreme one though as extremes apparently can struggle with the give and take relationship and suffer from psychosomatic illnesses (I rarely get ill much to my advantage!)

  • Interesting, although F types can still make proficient scientists. Your S would make you very grounded in reality which I would imagine is important in research science.

    Sounds like a very interesting line of work :-)

  • ENFP. I love the question about entering a room and sitting either at the sides or in the middle. In a cinema I always sit right to the side; no finer place in my view. Tell most people that though and they think you're an oddity. :-/

  • ENFPs are a delightful oddity! :-)

  • "Delightful oddity" .... I want that on a name badge! :-D

  • You could go to one of those T shirt shops and get one printed and get your photo put underneath just so it was clear :-) On the anagram of Fuddle Dig Holy Tit!!

  • INTJ, and the observations in the description fit me perfectly. Wife's a bit worried that it means I have the same personality type as Hannibel Lecter!

  • Nice Chianti? Phut phut phut

  • INTP - me and Hayo Miyazaki, JD Salinger and JRR Tolkien apparently.

  • INTPs are fascinating!

  • INFJ- and as some other of the same ilk have commented - astonishingly accurate!

    To link this to running, I find the 'vacancy' of running very helpful in processing the frustrations of the day - but also an excellent support of visualising solutions, such that when I get back and get stuck in to whatever it is that needs doing, it is very straight forward. I don't think think this is about physical energy, though it helps, but I do think it is about crystallising so that quicker, clearer completion follows. As a teacher, this is a great help and I just wish I had found running sooner!! Fitness and health which were the prime motivators for getting running are now secondary to the head sorting facility it offers!

    I doubt this is about personality type, and more a commonality of running?????

  • Well, possibly but N types tend to think abstractly and S types more concretely so what you saying does make sense in regard to your personality.

    Statistically there are many more S types than N types so it's interesting that so many Ns have revealed themselves here, but it also makes sense because the topic of my post, 'personalities' is an abstract subject.

    That's not to say S types don't think abstractly, more they think concretely most of the time.

    I could waffle on all day about it.....!!

  • I'm all over the place.....

    22% INTJ

    20% ISTJ

    15% INTP

    12% INFP

    10% ENTJ

    ....after 40 odd questions on the 25 question test!

  • You were clearly hard to peg!

  • Im enfj!

  • Interesting ... I'm not aware of having ever met a person of your type

  • Well hello and I'm glad to be the first!

    For many years my husband has called me's one of the reasons he loves me lol xxxx

    So what does it mean unfortunately I didn't get time to read the results as we were leaving.

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