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Week 3 Bluegrass

I was a bit worried about a 3min run but it flew by and only my calves ached! The worse thing about it was the bluegrass banjo during the second 3 minutes run....I just wanted it to end so the three mins flew by! But I kind of like the cheesy music and it makes me smile. I'm recovering quicker and doing some stretches now before I run. This weeks programme seems shorter or maybe I'm enjoying it even more.

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'Cheesy music' - you have got the hang of C25K, then. Every week is a new excitement, like the quote from the famous film "C25K music is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get".

Later on in the program you'll get a great composition based on 'She Sells Sanctuary' by The Cult. All the music is written and performed specially for C25K, but it uses a great mixture of styles and the tracks all sound like something well-known.

Glad that you are enjoying your running, and well done for keeping at it. I'm looking forward to W8r3 tonight, and I'm going to do it at the course for my local Park Run.


C25k is the home of cheesey music! Some of it is awful but it you can cope with the music then the running is a doddle. You deserve a medal just for getting through it. Listen out for Julie!


Sounds like the programme' working already if you feel you're recovering more quickly. Enjoy that cheesy music, you've got another 6 weeks worth to get through :)


Cheers guys. I wonder what delight there will be for the final run? Maybe a medley of all the C25K goodies...


We C25k graduates, at least the old school, podcast generation, are a pretty tough bunch. We can handle "Julie" at 5.30 in the morning, three runs in succession and not even flinch. Some would crack, but I recognise the irony.....we have to pain, no will survive.

Are you stretching after runs? That is the most important.


I've started to stretch before runs but not afterwards. Then again I always make the outward leg of my run longer so I walk back home a longer distance than the end warm down section so I haven't bothered stretching so far.....might try it though.


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