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C25K app freezing, i'm running for longer!

I have noticed previously that on the 5 min warm up, the app freezes and only restarts itself when i go back into the app on my iPhone, so i used to walk for nearer 10 minutes before checking. However, it is now also doing it during the runs, i was doing the 20 min run last week and i had been running for a long time, i looked and it said i had 18 minutes left. WRONG!! I used a GPS app alongside it and i had been running for 12 minutes already.

I was in a good mood, so i continued with the rest of the 18 minutes and ended up running for 30mins. Obviously very chuffed, but more annoyed as i now consciously keep getting my phone out of my pocket to check it is working still.

Anyone else had a problem like this?

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Do you have any other app running in the foreground "on top of" the C25K app? I found that when I had runkeeper in the foreground I experienced exactly what you explain. As soon as I got into the habit of clicking C25K to the foreground during my runs the problems went away.


Ah yes, i have been using Runkeeper aswell. Maybe i will stop using Runkeeper and just input them manually afterwards. Thanks :)


Just make sure the c25k app is the last app you look at, so it will be in the front. Set your other app not to interrupt, so it will stay in the back, or else check the C25k everytime the other does anything.




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