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Dates for Miles Yonder

There is a link within touting all the nutritional plusses, especially the surprisingly small effect on blood sugar. I had been pondering MY's date habit.

I loved the date shakes commonly sold in Southern California. I am sure the ice cream version was every bit as over indulgent as i thought at the time, but might try a milk only version for breakfast, or even experiment with blending dates in MY's CRM.

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The milk shake sounds nice ;)


Nilzed! :-) It is actually figs where my habit lies, however, I am partial to dates too and just this very evening stood debating whether to buy a huge bagful. I didn't in the end, going for figs and prunes, of which I'm running low, but I shall go back tomorrow for a huge bag of dates.

Thank you for the link; I do fancy the milkshake! I was debating how such foods affected blood sugar, actually. I do enjoy such dried delicacies! :-)


I was only thinking about you tonight M_Y, stood contemplating a box of reduced figs. I just couldn't, such strange shrivel-y fruit I thought, besides how does one prepare a fig? I am however, a big fan of figs in 'roll' form so should really take the plunge sooner or later :)

For now I'm sticking with dried apricots and assorted nuts.


Somewhere, i have a recipe for homemade fig newtons, or fig roll to all of you. Never made them, but i have a recipe!


Oh lovely! My nan died when I was very young and one of my few memories of her is that she would eat fig rolls in twos or threes. It's obviously genetic ;)


I am not sure about the others, this ws only about dates, and i didnt follow through the next link to maybe get to the actual report about it.

I always loved about 3/4 of the shake, and then the sweetness got to me. perhaps if not made with ice cream, i would like them even more.

I regret never quite making it out to Hemet at harvest time, when several of the big date farms had tours and such.


I was nibbling on dates, figs, apricots and dried cherries today as I made a fresh batch of cereal bars for my runs. Dried cherries are scrummy. Never tried a date shake. Sounds lovely!


Oooo I will be making the date shake this evening for Iftar. Thanks for the link!

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