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Soooo close to 5k just 4 weeks in!

I started the programme on week 3 of a 7 week program & I'm still ahead. What should have been a 27 minute run, ended up being a 33 minute run as I felt so comfortable, finished at my front door & was gutted to see I had run 4.46km. Delirious I had run so far, gutted I was so close to the 5k. Cant wait for my next run to smash the 5k. When I started on C25k I was already 6 weeks in to a general fitness program - HIT training, cardio etc. But running? Wow, I thought 2 minutes was hard! But hey, here I am....a runner! I can't recommend it enough to those who are thinking about embarking on this road to fitness & runs are getting easier and more comfortable each and every time, despite a couple of early wobbles. I am proud of myself and have a new found respect for anyone and everyone out there running whatever distance! A few minutes worth to marathons! All deserve total respect from me. Well done everyone that's doing this thing. We are amazing don't you think? :)

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Oh yes! We are!!

Take care though! You think you can go further and faster but at this early stage it's so easy to do too much and get crocked because you let adrenaline take you beyond what your body is ready for.

I did it, and so have many others here, but I warn you now so you don't do it. I ended up with an injured ankle that took weeks to heal.

If you are new to exercise - running in particular - your body is just not strong enough yet to support running longer and faster, which is why the Couch to 5 k programme is so fantastic as it's designed to get you running bit by bit to 30 minutes.

I think your general fitness programme is a marvellous idea and you should already be feeling much stronger. On your next run just make sure you finish safely. Run for 30 minutes and if you've not nailed 5k it's no problem. Many people, me included, completed many 30 minute runs before achieving 5 k.

Good luck and happy running


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