Morning of 28th Wedding Anniversary

Morning of 28th Wedding Anniversary

Come on!! - get out of bed -- It's 6AM and I've got to get to Parkrun by 6.30!!

What a beautiful course this was-- absolutely dead flat. :) However, in some strange way, I find completely flat runs to be almost more difficult that hillier ones. Something to do with the seemingly never-endingness of them :)

I am starting to love "Parkrun tourism"

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  • Looks beautiful!

  • Very nice :) I think I could get into this park run 'tourism' lark, especially if I'm on holiday and there's one nearby :)

  • Actually, you can still do it by going to Parkruns that are "nearby" - but not your "local" one. You tend to see places nearby through a different set of eyes than normal. ! :)

  • That's true. I have two right on my doorstep and a few more within a short driving distance so I'll probably 'tick' them all off first :)

    Edit: Actually there's 4 right on my doorstep ;)?

  • I agree about flat runs, I ran part tarka trail in Devon, all along the estuary, beautiful, but no truns in road or hills, just endless road, seemed to go on for ever

  • Sorry - but I HAD to laugh at your tag. Lovely view too.

  • Haha. Didn't notice that ;)

  • Ha ha - that's funny :-) xxx

  • I think my 5Ks are settling in to the 33minute+ zone. Have done two in the 33 mins now -- I used to think more along the lines of 35mins+ - so there must be a little improvement. :) I usually try to keep a little in reserve for the final dash across the line - and i know exactly where to start increasing pace at my local Parkrun - but for this one, being the first time, I had difficulty pacing myself so I think I left the final dash until just a bit late - so my local (hillier) Parkrun is still my fastest :)

  • Scenery looks fantastic. Being out there in the wonderful outdoors is one of the unexpected benefits of running isn't it.

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