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Wk5 workout 2

Not sure what happened today but went out for the workout 2 and cheated a bit and ran 8 minutes walked 2 and run 9 minutes - loved every minute of it and according to my ipod I was doing a 9.56 per mile pace. Shocked was the word and couldn't imagine I would be doing that when I huffed and puffed in week 1 and at 46 and had a bad virus three years ago that attacked my liver and lungs I never thought I could do it. Biggy on Sunday and cannot wait - Well done everyone who has completed it. I have fell in love with running and will be finishing this fantastic programme and looking to take part in some 5ks.. Feel fantastic

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Brilliant! You are right to feel so chuffed as you've done really well and your enthusiasm is evident in your post. Enjoy the run on Sunday. It won't be long before you graduate.


Ahhh thanks Irishprincess that is lovely and I'm really enjoying every run whatever the weather - although mornings seem to be my best time. Roll on Sunday and graduation in a few weeks time :)


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