12K and 277 metres today!!

The 12k was horizontal -- but the 277 metres were vertical ( according to my Runkeeper App) . No wonder I am feeling like a little lie down this afternoon.

2 more runs over the next month to take me to 14 klms -- but I need to find another route that only goes up around 140 metres (which is all I need to do as part of my training for the Sydney C2S)


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14 Replies

  • A lie down would be very well deserved, Bazza, that's some distance, and I imagine it was most hot there during your run! Well done, and enjoy your rest! :-)

  • Hi MilesY -- No, actually it is coming into winter here and it was quite "cool" when I went out - around 13C

  • Wow, you're doing really well.....great race to be taking part in, the atmosphere will be fantastic........and against a most beautiful backdrop......it has to be the most beautiful harbour. I hope you were not too badly effected by the bad storms over east yesterday.

    Good luck with the rest of your training.

  • Well I only run/walk for these distances. I am set up to run 2minutes/walk 1.5 minutes -- but I basically over-ride that by running down all hills regardless of length or steepness, run/walk different ratios uphill depending on length/steepness , etc -- and then do the proper/run/walk on the flats . I'm not very fast - but planning on doing it in under 2 hours , if I can. A lot will depend on how long the crowds hold me up at the start -- I am anticipating walking for at least the first couple of kilometres. There will be plenty to look at on the way - I am told that it is a real "party" !!

    Can you kindly tell me if you can see this Runkeeper run runkeeper.com/user/Bazza123...

    I'm not sure if everybody can see these things - or only those logged into Runkeeper.

  • Hi Bazza, no sorry I could not see your log......I've been meaning to sign up for Runkeeper, so I'll see if I can see when I join later.

  • Bazza I've just joined up to Runkeeper and I could see your details, so I can confidently say that the link can only be followed if you are already logged into Runkeeper. Hope this helps.

  • OK -- thanks for that . Handy to know.

  • Well done Bazza, the runkeeper you have to be logged in to see it and if you pay for the live option then people can track you on your runs :)

  • Excellent news, and hartiest congratulations!

    277 vertical is no mean feat (or should that be feet?). Are you spcifically running on gradients for training, or is that all you have ~ wherever you are?

    I find runing on really steep hills, and doing steeps ups, followed by jogging down really helps.; not quite as good as sand dunes, but still excellent for CV training. When you then run on the flat, it is so easy.

    Keep it up, and good luck on the 14K target.

  • I do have plenty of hills around where I live -- but there is also plenty of not very hilly area where I can run. But this race I have entered into has a hill halfway along the 14K route which is called "Heartbreak Hill". I guess it is called that for a reason :) It is around 85 metres high and goes up from basically sea level to that height over 2 klms. It is preceded by another shorter hill that goes up about 60 metres in half a klm -- so I have chosen a couple of similar hills around here to incorporate into my long runs. There are a couple of 100 metre long bits of them that I can barely walk up , much less run!! :)

  • I wish you every luck with your training and the run. We all know you can do it, and we want to hear all the details when you have recovered.

    The hills sound suitably nasty, but with the right mind-set....

  • Good grief, Bazza! You need a big red and yellow 'S' on your blue top! I needed a nap after my exploits today, and they weren't half as impressive as yours!

  • Treemouse -- thanks for the undeserved compliments ! Hey - I see you are in Portsmouth. I know it and the surrounding Hampshire well - spent 6 months at the old Gosport Submarine base in the late 70's -- and have returned many times to the area since- have good friends who live near Petersfield. I'd love to be able to run around there -- have never run in the UK but definitely will next time I am over that way. A run down the Southsea shore would be nice -- with a pint at the Still and West afterwards :)

  • Well when you are about, let me know, and I'll run behind you! That means that you will get to the bar first though! ;)

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