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rain rain lovely rain

After a week of daytime temperatures in the high 30s it got cool and drizzly overnight. The downside of this was I had to rework my planned church outfit this morning the upside was at around 5pm I went for a run !

The rain was just a light drizzle, which was great for keeping cool without getting soaked. I decided to be kind to my knees and head for one of our local parks, which has paths covered with layers of bark chips specially for running - nice and soft and springy. Although I'm not officially following the bridge210k programme (too time consuming for week days) I'm using the intervals for my weekend runs. Today was supposed to be jog:walk 15:1. In fact my jog intervals were a bit longer as I realised that at 15 minutes I was just shy of 2km, so I ended up doing 2k:walk 1 minute * 3. Which meant I did 6k ! Very chuffed to have knocked a minute off my minutes/km time AND to have logged my fastest single k as well as my fastest so far 5k (42 minutes, almost 2 minutes down on last time).

So all in all a happy camper this evening !


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