The words -- "Failure" and "failing"

I have noticed over the past few months that some people say such things as " I feel like I am a failure because ...." or "I am failing because...." ( Fill in any number of reasons ,eg. not running "fast enough", walking during a run, stopping during a run, not being able to complete a run, etc)

The bottom line is that you are only a failure, or failing, if you think you are. If you think you are a failure -- then you are!!! So -- stop thinking those kind of thoughts . Who says you can't have another go, who says you have to run the entirety of a run, who says what is an adequate pace -- stop thinking!!! :)


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15 Replies

  • Hear, hear!! So snap out of it you lot and look at your achievements!!

  • Very well said, Bazza! :-)

  • Thank you! Sometimes I think we need reminding to look back at our starting point of this running "journey" to realise how well we are doing! That's what I love about this forum - there is always someone ready to jolly us along and talk us up, so thank you again! X

  • Well said, it's very easy to forget where we have all come from.....when I'm struggling towards the end of a run I remind myself of my very first run and how far I have come since. We are all winners, we have all made that positive decision to change our lives for the better....we should be a bit kinder to ourselves. What I also love, and have found so helpful is this fab forum; members have been so encouraging, it's great to read everyone's stories and share their experiences and knowledge....a big thank you.

  • Hear, hear.

  • I agree, we actively try not to use the word "fail" on the quest, such a negative word.

  • Quite right too. Well said!

  • So right bazza

  • So true Bazza! Well said x

  • I'm glad we have you bazza to knock that message through . Well said !

  • Heartily agree, Bazza.

    We could all 'recommend' your post and get the lovely admins to pin it for a few weeks.

  • Absolutely spot on! Every time we don our kit, get out there and run we succeed!

  • Well said that runner :-)

  • The only time you fail is when you don't start......everything else that happens after that is a win

  • Yes, I quite agree, and never forget any exercise is good for you, even if you are just walking. I was inspired to try this programme by a friend who didn't find it terribly easy, so he had 8 or 9 day "weeks" repeating a session until he felt ready to move on to the next one. We are doing this for ourselves not anyone else, so there can be no sense of failure, the journey just takes a little longer than you planned perhaps is all.

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