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Do any other chaps have a rather 'impressive' pair of moobs? If so, what do you do to stop them bouncing?

I am a Testicular Cancer survivor (my dad wasn't so lucky) and I now have a pretty uncontrollable hormone imbalance which make the little blighters grow bigger than is normal. The condition is known as Gynecomastia.

I do wear a Primark sports bra, but does anyone else have any other ideas? It feels odd, but does offer some help ~ compression tops do little to help, and the only obvious solution is surgery, but I don't want that.


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Maybe something like a support top would help like this

I can't say how supportive or how much compression it would give though.


Thanks. I shall pop along to my SD and have a look.

Some interesting colours too, but if I do need to wear something like it, why not go the whole hog?


I got a lovely compression top from aldi. Beautiful it is and they are tight! Nothing moves!


Thanks for that. A strange thing to need, but such is least I'm still alive!!

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Hope you find a solution that works for you. Some of the side effects of drugs used to treat cancer suck but as you you say you are alive - and running!


I agree with all above. Wondered if a weight vest would help.

Help with training too! Good luck :)


Cooo, I'd look like a six-packed super hero!!


Thanks for the thought.

I shall try the tape (never heard of it, but I shall Google it), and see how that feels. I really, really don't want to even contemplate surgery, so any option if viable.

As for taking it off, I will find out!!


Great idea so far, I don't know if this is helpful, but you can get minimiser bras and i think they work for the wider back, so maybe might be more helpful for fitting than sports bra. Good luck finding a solution. As you say, look at the positives.


Thanks. I shall have a look, but trying-on in a shop could be 'interesting'!!


Sallycycle... hello!

Very sorry about you losing your Dad.

Very happy you've kicked the cancer's butt.

Everyone above has suggested just about everything i can think of except, following on from KittyKat's taping suggestion ... did the Japanese women not bind their chests to create a perfectly flat profile under their kimonos??? I have often considered this for de-bouncing of my own booblettes, they do so get in the way!!! Nice broad soft bandages neatly wrapped, could work and would mop up loads of summer-running sweat! I think a skilled bandager (does that word exist?) would be essential or you might find you're tripping over soggy bandages round your ankles!!!

Good luck :-)


Thanks for the kind words. I can just see me trotting along and a stream of unraveling bandages trailing along behind me!! Sallycycle (Nick) with a tail.

The little rascals do wobble and bounce, so I need to do something. I shall try the bandages or a sports bra ~ I shall avoid the pretty ones though. After all, you never know when you may need to go to hospital!!


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