Couch to 5K

R1W6 :(

This is the first run I have been unable to complete...absolutely gutted as was buzzing after completing R3W5!

I have felt a little iffy at work this morning, few tummy pains and feeling a little sick and I forgot my towel for the gym. I know it sounds stupid but it knocked me out of my routine!

I only managed just over 3 minutes for the first run, 4 minutes then a further 2 minutes for 2nd run and 3 minutes for last one :(

What do I do now, repeat that one or move onto R2?

Any help, encouragement greatly accepted x

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Don't beat yourself up! I'm the queen of repeating runs lately. I'm hoping it does get easier, or everything clicks into place a bit more. I have the attitude of just trying to put it down to a bad run and trying to put it behind me. Every run you do you get fitter, so the next time you try you'll be better equipped to get through it.

Having said that it does sound like you werent 100% to begin with, and any little variation from my routine quite upsets me too (I struggled with a run when I wasn't able to use 'my' regular treadmill at the gym)! I'd take a day or two off until you feel better then try W6R1 again when you're ready.



I think you will need to do this run again but only after you have had a couple of days good rest. You were also not 100% fit to run which didn't help. However, no need to beat yourself up over it. I have been away from the forum for a while and for that I am sorry - had I been around I would have advised you about this demon week 6.

After the euphoria of that 20 minute run in week 5 the return to intervals in week 6 seems a soft option - but it is nothing of the sort. This is probably the toughest week in the programme and needs to be handled with kid gloves. You need to go very slowly - then slow it down even more. Keep your focus on the horizon or on an object a bit further ahead (such as a lamp-post or litter bin, whatever) and stay calm. In this way you will get through week 6. Also, don't worry about speed or distance, just concentrate on staying slow and doing the required number of minutes. Remember also, you have already done the preparatory work and have trained up to it. Good luck and my very best wishes to you.



Hi Fitmo, just a quickie , I don't want to hijack the thread, just wanted to say its good to have you back , you have been missed :-) xxx


Thank you. Although you should thank KittyKat - she nagged me! Cheers.


Don't let it play on your mind. Put it down to a bad day and carry on. By all means redo the run, it won't hurt and it may boost your confidence knowing you went back and beat it :) I've just done my third run of w7 and I struggled even though r2 was fairly straight forward. It happens to us all :)


You definitely sound as if you weren't 100% in terms of health, so put it down to experience, wait until you are feeling well again and then give it another go. I remember finding W6 tough, so would counsel that you repeat it, to build up your stamina for the longer continuous runs coming in future weeks. Any illness shows up in our running and makes you realise how long it takes us to get back to normal. Don't rush it, in the scheme of things a few extra days does not make a lot of difference.

Keep running, keep smiling.


What Fitmo said...she is very wise in all matters C25K.


Thank you for your kind comment. Best wishes. Fitmo


Thank you all so much, your help and encouragement means so much and has put a little smile on my sad face :)

Hopefully try this run again on Wednesdayx


Good to hear and good luck ;)


Week 6r1 is always hard. As you yourself said, after the euphoria of wk5r3 people expect it to be a breeze - it isn't! It really is a hard run! The temptation is always to set off too fast (after all, it's only a short run and you have just run for 20 mins!). It's a salutory lesson. Start slow and then probably slow down a bit more! Follow Fitmo's advise and aim to run to something in the distance rather than think about time. Give yourself a couple of days to recover, particluarly if you were not feeling well, then have another go. Let us know how you get on.


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