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The Head Gremlins didn't stand a chance


Having lurked for 8 weeks picking up advice, this is my first post having successfully completed W9R1 this morning. After less than 5 minutes the Head Gremlins were knocking at the door telling me that 30 minutes was too long. But thanks to all the posts here, I was able to push them away and before I knew it I was on the home straight. So thank you one and all! I seem to have picked up a hip problem though so will need to assess whether I can complete the week. But I'm determined to graduate - even if it's delayed a week!

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Well done! I am just ahead of you and my next run will be my graduation one. It's taken me just over 13 weeks and I don't think I'd still be doing it without this wonderful place.

Walmers176Graduate in reply to eosino

Fantastic! Good luck on your graduation run - I look forward to seeing the post after the successful run!


Tsk those naughty head gremlins, huh? Sometimes they're so hard to ignore. Definitely listen to your hip though, sounds like you're taking a sensible attitude and waiting to see how you recover from W9R1 before planning your next two runs. Good luck, can't wait to hear how you get on!

Walmers176Graduate in reply to Drummond45

Thanks....yes, hip a but better this morning. May need to look into getting my running gait checked.


Well done on kicking those 'head gremlins' into touch :) You are on the home stretch and on your way to graduating. Good luck :)

Walmers176Graduate in reply to paul2014

Thanks - fingers crossed

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