Couch to 5K

back up to 25 mins and looovin it! see ya later laura!

having graduated yonks ago and then not running since (loooong story) Ive been building myself back up again right from week 1 run 1! Really glad I did it this way as Ive avoided injury (so far1) by taking it easy and whats been great is that it was A LOT easier this time round! Feeling chuffed today as did the week 6 run 3 25min run and it was ok! The music on the app is driving me bonkers thou! Spurring me on to get it completed quickly! celebrating todays run by creating a running playlist for when Im free of laura again! xx

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Well done. I don't have the music so can't comment ;)


Hey well done!! Over half way now. Glad your enjoying it again.


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