Couch to 5K

Finally managed 5k

I have got a bit lost with the programme of late. What with knee pain, holiday and restarting the programme with my son who is very overweight and lacks motivation. For someone of 19 stone, he is blooming fast. I struggle to keep up with him!

Anyway. I had done a couple of 2 mile runs. Ok very slowly. Took me 40minutes including the 2 walks start and finish. On Wednesday I decided I would give 5k a go. I knew it would be tough as after about 1.5k it starts to get quite hilly.

Started off ok. Got to the first very steep bit. Ok, slow it right down. Ok, not too bad. Half way up. I had to stop. Only for a quick "ok, you can do it, you can do it" off again reached the top, started going down hill. Went round the corner "oh bugger. I had forgotten the next bit went up" Tip toed over the cattle grid. Up the next bit. Ok I stopped again twice. But from the place that I turned round (2.5k) back I did it non stop. I hit my wall at 4k but punched through. Didn't help that my motivational music stopped at this point and because it was raining I didnt want to get my phone out to restart it. I even managed a short sprint at the end. Can't be far off graduating now. So pleased with myself.

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That sounds like good going. In the end little walks here and there are just necessary especially with hills perhaps, and going at your body's pace makes it manageable as our fitness levels increase. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll all be steaming up hills?!?!


Just got to say well done , you carried on you reached 4k . It would have been so easy to just quit , but you didn't you will build staying power & will soon be at that 5k . Congratulations .


Well done! You kept going, on what sounds like a very tricky course!!! Hills are hard and there is no shame at all in walking up them. It is good exercise no matter what

Sticking with the task is what it's all about, and if you can do that then you can be proud of yourself. Just go steady, there's no great rush with this running lark, and the last thing you want is an injury. Men can run harder than us ladies as they are stronger so don't try and keep up with your son. You might find he goes off hard but then flags, that's when you might overtake him. Take care and enjoy your running


Fantastic and well done :)


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