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Foot pain

My daughter had recently started c25k . She has just completed wk2r2 but is having pain in the arch of her foot when running . She has been wearing old trainers & on my reccomendation went & got gait checked & new trainers from sweatshop . She slightly over pronates & has got stability running shoes ( nike ) after running in them she still has the pain & she says she's exchanging them for neutral runners & getting the insoles what they fit you up with in the store , as the assistant told her this is also a option . Has anyone tried this & also could the pain be plantear fascitis ( hope I've spelt it correctly ) .

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It's always worth trying different shoes, because each brand is different; - even though, for example two shoes might be for over pronators, there can be differences in construction between different brands that make certain shoes more comfortable than others. For example, I have a pair of Mizuanos and a pair of Sacounys: of the two, I prefer the Sacounys, which seem to fit my wide feet slightly better than the others. I've not tried insoles, so can't comment on how effective they are.

As to whether your daughter has planter facitis, it may be worth going for a check up with her GP or a local podiatrist, just to rule anything serious out & give peace of mind. It may be just her feet adjusting to exercise and the new shoes, but it's better to rule out anything more serious. We never really give our feet the attention they deserve,and better to get checked out now, rather than risk a more serious injury later which could could prevent her from running (or walking!) at all.


Someone recommended orthotics insoles on here the other day Rockette. I think they were Footlogic. They have ones for sports shoes, to support the arch etc and I think they're £28

Have a look online.

She can take her shoes back to Sweatshop if she's not happy with them. I hope she gets sorted out soon


Hi Rockette

I had a problem with plantar fasciitis , we'll still do, it's very painful and is one of those pains you should not continue to run with. Also known as police mans heel. Now healed I do calf stretches religiously after every run, took the programme more slowly and now can run 5k - it's taken me over a year (not just because of the plantar fasciitis)

My advice would be get the cause of the pain checked out first before paying out for any other equipment, the shoes , although an essential piece of running equipment, won't solve everything , I hope it improves and that it doesn't dampen your daughters enthusiasm for running, good luck!


Hi, I also get plantar fasciitis (hard to say and spell) when running but it is worse when I walk barefoot after a run or first thing in the morning. I was recommended by my podiatrist to stretch the foot (sit down and put folded towel under foot and then grab both ends and gently pull, plus roll an iced bottle of water along the base of foot and also some new sandals from Place footwear which have orthotics hidden in them to help foot pain. They turned up yesterday and are really comfortable.


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